Monday, November 03, 2008

A Little Bit More About Election 2008

Well, it's a good thing for McCainiacs that the Washington Redskins no longer predict the outcome of the presidential election. It used to be that if the Redskins won the final home game they played before an election then the party in the White House would retain it, and if the Redskins lost the final home game they played before an election then the opposition party would win. This held true for a staggering 17 consecutive elections. In 2004, however, the Redskins lost their last home game before the election, yet the Republicans held onto the White House.

Tonight, of course, the Redskins hosted the Steelers on "Monday Night Football" and lost. Thanks to 2004, though, that doesn't necessarily spell doom for the McCain campaign.

Also, as an addendum to my previous post, I would say that if I were feeling particularly cheeky I would predict a final electoral count of Obama 303, McCain 235, with Obama picking up the electoral vote that goes with winning the Omaha, NE congressional district (Nebraska and Maine don't allocate their electoral votes on a winner-take-all basis).

But I wasn't feeling sufficiently cheeky, and I didn't predict that. If it ends up 303-235, and I missed out on the chance to be pretty much the only person in the world who called it, I shall, as Prince Humperdink once said, be very put out.

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