Friday, September 12, 2008

Sorry, Everybody

In my most recent NFL picks column, posted yesterday, I made a joke about hurricanes (specifically Katrina and Gustav). As difficult as this might be to believe, as I wrote and posted that column it completely slipped my mind that Hurricane Ike was bearing down on Houston and the Texas coast.

Just like I let Senator Obama off the hook (somewhat) earlier this week, believing that he wasn't referring to Sarah Palin as "a pig," I will let myself off the hook (somewhat) this week, asking you to believe that I'd forgotten about Hurricane Ike when I wrote my NFL picks.

But, in the same way one should know not to make a "lipstick on a pig" joke when running against a ticket that features a women whose most famous line thus far has involved lipstick, one should also know not to make hurricane jokes when a major US city is in the path of a potentially devastating hurricane.

So, sorry about that one, folks. I will, in the future, endeavor to heed a version of the advice I myself gave out just a few days ago, and think before I write each word.

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