Friday, February 01, 2008

NFL 2007 - Super Bowl XLII

In case I prove too lazy to write a full Super Bowl column tonight or tomorrow:

Giants @ PATRIOTS -12

It's not going to be close.

Hopefully I'll be back in a few hours with something more substantial. If not, not.

If not, not.

Can I just say how great it feels to know that this happens to people who aren't me? Particularly someone who makes this kind of writing look ridiculously effortless? (Even though I would never suggest that the sort of brilliance you routinely exhibit comes without effort.)

As procrastination would have it, I was just this minute (and roughly 70 other minutes preceding it) rereading old "Survivor" columns of mine, and thinking "maybe I should try this again." It is fun to bring a stupendously arcane and meaningless set of knowledge to bear on an utterly meaningless subject - but the deadlines! Lord, how they plague me.

Still, as much as I hate the idea of trying to grasp a final-three version of "Survivor", I have to say the upcoming "Fans vs. Faves" concept looks likely to be an unparalleled clusterfucktastrophe while also straining the concept of a "fave" to the very limits of its physical tolerance.

I may have to have one more serious go at a full season of on-time "Survivor" coverage. But, you know... if not, not.
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