Friday, February 01, 2008

NFL 2007 - Super Bowl XLII (for reals)

Giants @ PATRIOTS -12

It seems as though an appreciable number of people are picking the Giants to win the Super Bowl. Not a majority, certainly, and thank God for that; if we ever get to the point where more than 50% of our populace is backing a 10-6 #5 seed from a demonstrably inferior Conference over an undefeated juggernaut, I say that when we just roll over and let al-Qaeda have its way with us, because -- and I'm not even sure how, but I'm sure nonetheless -- they will have been proven right.

The Patriots are going to win, and they're going to win big. We've been here before, if you're remember. And, by "here," I'm referring to a place where, based on a couple of playoff games, people talk themselves into thinking the Giants can hang with a far superior team in the Super Bowl (now, some people will feebly point as evidence to the Week 17 game in which the Giants hung with the far superior Patriots. "Pish tosh, I say to those people"). What happened back then? Let's reminisce:

It was January, 2001. A recently inaugurated George W. Bush prepared to usher in a second consecutive decade of togetherness, bipartisanship, economic prosperity and international peace. Super Bowl halftime performer Britney Spears was maturing into an entertainer poised to take the world by storm with grace, maturity and her upcoming film Crossroads (which -- I just checked -- was written by "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rimes. So... checkmate, people who like "Grey's Anatomy"). And the New York Giants, fresh off of a 41-0 drubbing of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game, came into Super Bowl XXXV against the Baltimore Ravens as an underdog but a relatively popular upset pick.

What happened? The Giants went out and lost 34-7, with their only points coming on a third-quarter kickoff return (the ensuing kickoff of which was returned by the Ravens for a touchdown of their own).

Now, I know that these Giants aren't those Giants. In fact, the outcome of Super Bowl XXXV has little or nothing to do with the outcome of Super Bowl XLII. Still, it reminds us that talking ourselves into backing a Super Bowl underdog against a far superior team (which your fair columnist did back in his college days with the Atlanta Falcons) is something of which we must beware.

And speaking parenthetically of the Atlanta Falcons' lone trip to the Super Bowl, it should be noted that teams on which a player gets himself arrested or goes completely nuts during Super Bowl week are 0-3, and, well... that's not good news for the Giants.

Apparently, Adrian Awasom was on injured reserve and wasn't going to suit up for the game even if he hadn't gotten popped for DUI on Friday morning, so this might not affect the Giants like the Bengals, Falcons and Raiders (all of whose incidents involved key players) were affected by their Super Bowl week shenanigans (hey, my spell checker knows "shenanigans." Cool). But then, neither the Bengals, Falcons or Raiders were facing the 2007 New England Patriots.

Personally, I don't think it would matter of the Patriots' opponent on Sunday was the '85 Bears; they're going to win huge, and it's not going to be close.

Shonda Rimes -- oh my. That actually checkmates my aversion to "Grey's Anatomy" with my soft spot for Crossroads.

Also, shame on you, USC! I was there in 2001 and would gladly have attended an alumni preview screening of Crossroads with Shonda Rimes Q-and-A to follow, but none was on offer. No, you're such fair-weather friends. When she's adapting Spears tunes into campfire poetry, you want nothing to do with her -- when she's stewarding America's #1 TV show, suddenly she's an alumna!
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