Monday, January 14, 2008

Divisional Playoffs Wrap-up

Divisional Playoffs: 1-3

Playoffs Overall: 5-3

Bleh. Everyone else picked the Giants, and I thought all the favorites would cover (or, at the very least, the Giants wouldn't be the underdog that beat the spread), so I'd be 3-1 and everybody else would be 2-2. Instead, everybody's 2-2 and I'm 1-3. Oh, well. Next week everybody's going 2-0 (Packers and Patriots, not to spoil the column).

The Smartest Thing I Said Last Week:

The Packers should really just roll.

The Dumbest Thing I Said Last Week:

Yes, San Diego did beat the Colts at home back in November when Peyton Manning threw six interceptions, Darren Sproles gave the Chargers two kick returns for touchdowns, Adam Vinatieri missed a clutch field goal and key players Marvin Harrison, Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark and Tony Ugoh were injured and couldn't play for Indianapolis. If all that stuff happens again, the Chargers might have a chance. If not, probably not.

For my part, I apologize for cheering for the Jaguars. Normally, I care about them slightly less than I do about the Patriots -- but I figured if someone was going to spoil the Pats' perfect year it may as well be our guys. (By the way, we saw Taylor and Jones-Drew at dinner last night. Ah, local fame... this would be like you Angelenos spotting Dallas Raines at a Sbarro.)

While I was rooting for them I kept saying, "If you're not going to win, have the decency to lose by two touchdowns to preserve Joe's pick." But they weren't listening when I said, "Please try not to drop that pass!" so I guess it was too much to expect them to respect the finer points of my request.
It's so unlike me to gloat, but I would like to point out that I went 3-1 on my picks for the Divisional Playoffs (I missed the Chargers-Colts game). If you'd like lessons on how to be a winner in the world of predicting outcomes in sporting events, I'd be happy to provide them.

On another matter, are you just as nauseated as I am about having to continue listen to announcers gush over Brett Favre? Can you imagine all the crap we're going to have to listen to if this guy gets to the Super Bowl with the opportunity to "ride off in the sunset" into retirement with a world championship? The 2-week layoff between Championship Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday will be the worst two weeks of my life if Green Bay advances to the Super Bowl.
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