Monday, January 21, 2008

Conference Championship Games Wrap-up

Man, I hate the Packers. I hate them so, so much. The one game -- the one game! -- in the entire history of the Green Bay Packers franchise that this Vikings fan actually wants them to win, because it would lead to the coolest Super Bowl ever, and they go out and stink up the joint.

Oh, well. At least Brett Favre proved to anyone who was actually watching that he doesn't belong in the top tier when it comes to ranking the best NFL quarterbacks of the recent era. Yes, he won a Super Bowl. So did Trent Dilfer. And I know he's set a lot of records, but, you probably would too if you played for six hundred years. He's a fine quarterback; I'm not saying he's not. But he proved he doesn't belong up there with the likes of Elway, Marino, Montana, Manning or Brady. Those guys could usually be counted on not to kill their own teams quite so often.

So at least there was that.

Conference Championship Games: 0-2

Playoffs Overall: 5-5

The Smartest Thing I Said Last Week:
I'm wary about getting too excited about a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl before Sunday's games; like Cubs-Red Sox World Series we were so cruelly teased with in 2003, it seems far too good to actually happen.
The Dumbest Thing I Said Last Week:
But then you look at these matchups, and you can't help it.
Remember; I'll be back at some point this week with something, even though there's no NFL this weekend. That's right: there's no NFL this weekend. Please, try to remain calm.

I agree completely with your comments on Brett Favre, and the Trent Dilfer comparison was spot-on (by the way, my dad still hates Dilfer with a blood-curdling passion after he tried to fight John Randle back in 1995 at the Bucs-Vikes game that you, me, and Sam attended).

I'm really beginning to hate the Patriots and I think Belichick is almost as soulless and miserable as Bob Knight (although I don't think Belichick has resorted to using soiled toilet paper to motivate his team). And Tom Brady is like that cocky little pretty boy in high school that all the girls like and all the guys want to beat the shit out of.

I think the Packers would have presented more of a challenge to the Pats than the Giants ultimately will, but I am giddy beyond belief that the Giants beat the Pack. Like I said before, I don't think I could have made it through two weeks hearing about how Favre has endured adversity, cured cancer, split the atom, etc.
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