Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 12 Wrap-up

Week 12: 11-5

Overall: 81-82-10

Games I Felt Good About in Week 12: 3-2

Games I've Felt Good About Overall: 28-31-1

I Told You I'd Get Good At This Once the Season Got Going a Little Bit More...

Week 6 through Week 12, Overall: 52-43-5

The Smartest Thing I Said Last Week:
And speaking of quitting on your coach and showing no heart whatsoever: ladies and gentlemen, the Tom Coughlin-era New York Giants! Sure, they beat the Lions in Detroit last week, but, only by the score of 16-10. Can't the argument be made that the Lions' long-standing tradition of being horrible simply overcame the Giants' recent penchant for folding like a well-made tent?
The Dumbest Thing I Said Last Week:
I'm picking the Giants...

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