Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chavez Watch, Part 2

Welcome back to Chavez watch, in which we keep an eye on would-be Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Apparently, Chavez has spoken out against the Venezuelan trend of cosmetic surgery in general, and the trend of giving breast enhancements as a gift to 15-year-old girls in particular.

Surely, even the most left-leaning readers of The Athletic Reporter blog must find themselves unable to support a man who isn't fully in favor of giving teenage girls bigger boobs. I mean, really. Socialism is one thing; this is insanity.

I think you linked the wrong words in that post. Given the photograph in question, I think you meant to say "the most MORBIDLY TUBBY readers..." Lord.

I'm not a fan of big breasts, augmented or otherwise. (I know - I'm Joe's opposite in every way. But you can tell he's the evil twin by whose picture has the telltale facial hair.) However, this just strikes me as unwise shopping. You're spending all this money to enlarge girls' breasts, and in just a year or two many of them are due for a free augmentation courtesy of mother nature. If you're dead-set on convincing teenage girls (possibly the most insecure creatures on the planet) that they're ugly, you could at least buy them something else they actually need, like liposuction.

This assumes the new breasts are being gifted by the girls' parents. The story isn't entirely clear on that. If random strangers are giving these gifts - or perhaps skeezy twentysomething boyfriends - then I understand. They're working with a different set of priorities. It's all about the short-term.
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