Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chavez Watch, Part 1

I've been meaning to institute a Hugo Chavez watch for a while now. For those of you who don't know (and I don't bet that's many of you), Chavez is, for all intents and purposes, the dictator of Venezuela.

Now, I know it's tempting to think of crazy Latin dictators as quaint and even adorable, but, there's almost no scenario I can foresee in which Chavez's reign doesn't result in the deaths of at least tens of thousands of innocent Venezuelans. He's effectively taken control of the nation's media and banks, and he's forcing his rubber-stamp legislature to end presidential term limits. Like many of the 20th century's most powerful and successful socialists, he displays the willingness and determination to threaten, ruin and imprison countless actual people as part of his plan to help "the people."

He's like a smarter Castro, with oil.

Anyway, since I can't really do anything about it except hope that Chavez ends up more like this than this, I figured I'd just keep tabs on Chavez, just so we know what he's up to.

And what is he up to? Well, Chavez has apparently decided that all of Venezuela will set its clocks back by half an hour... by next Monday.

I try to resist the temptation to find Chavez hilarious, but, I just wonder how long it will be before he's proclaiming that all Venezuelan children under 16 years old are now... 16 years old.

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