Friday, November 10, 2006


I couldn't be bothered to read the entire article because it looked kind of long, but, from skimming it, it looks like this piece on Yahoo! Sports proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that USC was screwed out of the national title by the replay officials in January's Rose Bowl against Texas. Logically, it follows that since they were the genuine national champions, and that since that was their third in a row, and since no other college football team has ever won three national titles in a row, the 2003-2005 USC Trojans were inarguably the greatest dynasty in the history of college football.

I mean, we all knew that anyway, but, it's nice to have it factually proven with 100% certainty.

It's amazing to me that it took this long for someone to point this out. I remember that play VERY well, and I remember jumping around the room asking people if they SAW that? Even me, who knows next to nothing about football, could plainly see that his frigging knee touched the ground.

I think it was a conspiracy. I can't remember if USC challenged the call or not, but I know that the call stood and nobody seemed to care...
The USC dynasty from 2003-2005 deserves a place at the table in talks on the greatest college football dynasties of all-time, but to say they're "inarguably" the best is probably a stretch.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers (my alma mater) played in four national championship games in a five-year span during the 1990s, winning three of them. The 1995 team was especially dominant, with its CLOSEST game being a 14-point win over Washington.

Again, I take nothing away from USC, as they are a juggernaut of a program. But I have to disagree with the notion that their dynasty is HANDS-DOWN the greatest of all-time.
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