Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So Long, Torii

Torii Hunter seems like a hell of a guy, but he's currently hitting .143 in a playoff series that he moments ago pissed away with a ridiculous play in center field. There's been a lot of talk about whether the Twins will re-sign Hunter this offseason as he'll be a free agent and his price should be pretty high; I think it's safe to assume that the Twins can get by without him.

The Twins actually have a 12M club option on Hunter for 2007 with a 2M buyout. That 2M is a sunk cost, so it's basically a question of whether or not they want to spend 10M to bring Hunter back for one more season.

The only CF on the free agent market this offseason who isn't nearing retirement will be Gary Matthews, Jr., and he will reap a huge contract out of it, putting him way out of the Twins financial league. Internally, their three CF candidates are Jason Tyner and Lew Ford, neither of whom should sniff 500 AB on any team that wants to seriously call itself a contender, and Denard Span, who's only 22 and hasn't passed Double-A yet.

I say pick up his option. He's not worth that much money anymore, but the drop-off without him is just too steep, and the Twins still have the talent to win it all in 2007 (assuming Liriano comes back in full health).

Of course, there's the question of having enough money to fill the holes we're going to have at LF and DH. Hmm... this could be a good discussion for Saturday. I'm gonna put something together. This'll be good.
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