Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life Imitates Ms. Pac Man

In an effort to relieve me of a small chunk of my disposable income, someone in the building where I work recently installed an old-school Ms. Pac Man machine in the post office box area that's been carved out of a section of parking garage. I usually manage to fit in a game or two a day (it still only costs a quarter).

This afternoon, as I was walking away from the machine after a game that started well but ended badly, a nice postal worker lady who also happened to be on her way out asked me, "did you lose?"

I said, "Well, you always lose; it's just a matter of how long it takes."

And as I rode up the elevator to our offices I thought, "Boy, if that doesn't sum up human mortality."

Well done, Mr. Lenny. Well done.
I've often thought that people who grew up on Atari games that you simply play until you die have a much more existential and melancholy view of the world (i.e.: more correct) then the kids who grew up running up 113-0 scores on Madden by running the same play over and over again.
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