Friday, January 06, 2006

Hail To the Chiefs (and the Penguins, and the Red Sox, and the Dolphns...)

You know what I just decided?

If I were a former United States president, I would wear (excluding very formal occasions, of course) absolutely nothing but those ceremonial champsionship jerseys that White House-visiting sports teams give out. You know the ones with the president's name and the number "1" on the back?

That would rule.

Also, when the Twins won in 1991, do you suppose they made up a special "Bush" jersey with the number "1" on it, or just convinced utility outfielder Randy Bush to give him one of his #25s and hope nobody noticed?

I'll look into that if I have the time.

Oh, and by the way, the Vikings just hired former vice principal Brad Childress (sorry; that's former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress; the photo threw me off) as their new head coach. I don't know anything about Brad Childress whatsoever, except that thus far into his tenure he pretty much has to be considered the best Vikings coach since Bud Grant.

(that's some good work you're doing down there in Arizona, Denny! Keep it up!)

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