Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And We're Back!

Okay, folks. I got a nice shiny new DSL connection on the computer at home, so, while The Athletic Reporter will remain on semi-permanent hiatus, hopefully the blog can get back to its illustrious two-or-three posts and five-or-six readers a week status.

Okay. You're a Dodgers fan. Your storied-but-recently-downtrodden team takes the division in 2004, even winning its first playoff game in 16 years. On to bigger and better things, right?

Well, in 2005 your finishes only four games ahead of last place in one of the worst divisions in baseball history, its second-worst showing since moving from Brooklyn. Your manager leaves, your GM gets sh*t-canned [we're still debating as far as the swearing policy goes here at The Athletic Reporter blog], and then, God help you, you wake up to this.

Is it any wonder I always liked the Angels more?

Yay! We're back! Can I just say, Dodgers... wuh? Grady Little, juh? (Nevertheless, I always liked the Angels more, too. For one reason.)
Yes, it's a little "inside baseball;" suffice it to say that the first highlight shown of Grady Little was Grady patting Pedro Martinez on the arm after deciding to leave him in in the eighth inning of Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, quite possibly the worst mangerial decision in baseball history and one best summed up by a couple of Bill Simmons e-mailers:

"While watching the NFL, my wife once asked me, "Which guy is the quarterback?" She literally knows nothing about sports. Yet last night after the Bernie Williams hit in the eighth, she kept asking, "How come that guy is still pitching?'"


"My girlfriend and I have been going out for a little less than a year. She was never a sports fan, much less a baseball fan. When I took her to Fenway for the first time, on the drive to Boston she asked me who the Green Monster was. I almost crashed into the wooden guard rail on the Merritt Parkway. Now I understand that she hasn't followed baseball, but I almost lost it. After putting her in the middle of the Sox-Yanks rivalry for a weekend, she became a full-blown Yankee hater. Which is a very good thing for the prosperity of our relationship.

Anyway, on Thursday night she is watching the game with me and before I can even get the words out, even though I am screaming them in my head, she says 'Why are they not taking Pedro out?'

This from a girl who seven weeks ago thought the Green Monster was actually a person. Now she even sees that Pedro needs to be pulled. Is this unbelievable or what?"

Your new Dodgers manager, ladies and gentlemen!
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