Friday, April 08, 2005

Paul Shirley "Blog"

Simmons has been pointing this out for a while, but, I finally went and looked at it; Paul Shirley of the Phoenix Suns kept a "blog" (it isn't really a blog; two years ago we would have called it an online journal, and that's really what it is) during a late-March Suns road trip.

It's unbelievable. Unbelievable that the NBA allowed him to do it, unbelievable that they allowed the Suns to keep it up (not because it's scandalous, but because it's just so... honest), unbelievable that Shirley had the balls to write the things he did knowing what John Q. NBA Player would think if he ever read it... basically, imagine if you or one of your buddies somehow snuck onto an NBA roster for a week. Then imagine what you'd write.

If you're a sports fan, I'd say it's worth a look. If you're not a sports fan, I'd say it's even more worth a look.

A couple examples, to whet your appetite:

Because I would, if there were such an option, fill in “Professional Basketball Player” on my insurance forms (as it is, I usually have to go with either “Self-Employed” or “Other”, which must raise eyebrows somewhere in the back room: “This guy must be either a drug-dealer or in the CIA.”), I do a fair amount of traveling.


On a further tangent, because this is how my brain works, Tom Gugliotta has the worst tattoo in the NBA. The barbed wire on the bicep is bad enough to put him in the running; the fact that it is the dreaded “I thought I could get away with not having it complete the circumference of my arm” type puts him over the top. It is like wearing a tie that is not only ugly, but is a clip-on to boot. Ugly is at least forgivable; the clip-on aspect makes it reprehensible.)


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