Thursday, April 07, 2005

Explanation of Previous Post

I'm probably the only person on the planet who remembers this skit firsthand (including those who wrote and performed in it), but, years ago, I was watching Leno (no, I don't remember why), and it was just after the Daylight Savings Time switch (don't remember if it was fall or spring). They did a little skit in which the Tonight Show announcer, Edd Hall, was going through the day having forgotten about the time change.

So, a few wacky things happen to him, and, finally, he walks into some community center sort of building, looks at a sign that says "Edd Hall Fan Club Meeting, 5:30," does some sort of grin or thumbs up "take," and walks into the room.

The people in the room see him, become enraged, and start beating him. The camera goes back on the sign outside the room, back to the "Edd Hall Fan Club Meeting, 5:30" part of the sign, then tilts down to reveal, underneath, more words on the sign that we hadn't seen before: "People Who Hate Edd Hall Meeting, 4:30."

For some reason that struck me (still does) as one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. Since it was a Leno skit (I've got nothing against Leno as a person, and nothing against his show in theory, but, the "skits" they do are usually painfully lame) I assume they stumbled upon the comic genius inadvertently, but, still. Comedy gold is comedy gold, any way you slice it.

[I would have linked to an explanation or mention of the skit, by the way, but, to my knowledge, none exists. In fact, a Google search of "hate Edd Hall" yields zero results. Which; hey, good for Edd Hall]

I've got nothing against Leno as a person, and nothing against his show in theory

What?! I HAVE no Athletic Reporter co-creator!

I said "in theory"! Not in practice. Good Lord.
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