Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Candidate Trap

Funny, but they didn't mention which party these two guys belong to.

Something tells me that if they were Republicans, though, it would have been prominently noted.

UPDATE (2:50 PDT) - They're Democrats. Shocking!

(note: I'm not saying that Republicans wouldn't do this; I'm sure that if George W. Bush had had the foresight to have been born with an identical twin, he'd be deploying him for some nefarious purpose or another even as you read this. I'm just saying that if they'd been Republicans, I wouldn't have had to Google the beejezus out of them to find out what party they belong to; the nice people at Reuters would have been more than happy to tell us)

Yeah, I was going to be so smug and Google the bejeesus out of them, unearth their true Republicitude and rub your face in it.

Then, after about half an hour of Googling, I found an article that said he was a Democrat. So, following in the fine cherry-picking tradition of Michael Moore, I stayed mum.

(Then, following another tradition of Moore's, I ate four cherry pies in one sitting.)
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