Monday, February 28, 2005

WrestleMania Trailers

WrestleMania 21 going to be held in L.A. on April 3rd and, whether you care about professional wrestling or not, you need to see these. The WWE -- under the theme "WrestleMania Goes Hollywood" -- has produced a series of ads in which wrestlers reinact classic scenes from recent movies.

You don't need to watch wrestling -- nor do you need to have ever watched wrestling -- to appreciate them. They're fantastic, and they illustrate the unique nature of the business; remember how bad Terrell Owens was in the "Desperate Housewives" spoof? Well, all of the wrestlers are, comparatively, excellent actors. They have to be. They wouldn't get hired otherwise.

Anyway, if you're a movie fan, check them out (as I post this, the best ad, featuring a scene from "A Few Good Men," isn't online yet, but, keep checking. I saw it on TV tonight, and it's worth seeing).

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